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What Does The Engine Immobilizer Do?

Engine Immobilizers may soon make car theft a thing of the past. These clever devices can prevent car theft and greatly reduce unauthorized use of a vehicle thanks to some rather simple yet highly effective technology. Newer vehicles almost always include this...

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Computers and Sensors Run Today’s Modern Vehicles

There is one thing that separates today’s new cars from the cars that were commonly available just a few decades ago. This one thing is the computer or brain of the today’s advanced cars. The computer samples data thousands of times every few seconds. This data is...

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What Does the Vehicle ECM do in my car?

By definition, Electrical Control Module (ECM) is a computer system that monitors various engine parameters in your car such as air, fuel, temperatures, and speed. It is programmed to keep fueling and horsepower in check. It also designed to alert the operator in case...

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What is a catalytic converter and what does it do?

A catalytic converter is an ingenious automobile part that controls gas emissions. Credit goes to its French inventor Eugene Houdry who introduced this device in 1950, though it was mass-manufactured in automobiles only by 1975. It filters the hot gases produced by...

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As someone who knows little about cars, I am happy to say this place is somewhere you can trust.

When I had issues with my 2010 Corolla I went here each time. For all of my visits, they gave me an honest assessment of what was wrong and a fair price to fix it. I had my father in law double check the prices compared to parts online and everything looked great.

I would definitely recommend going here if you want honest advice and quality service.

Everyone I spoke to was also extremely nice and took the time to explain the fixes to me.


The people at Poole’s are just the best. They just finished putting a transfer case in my 08 Ford Taurus X and solving a problem that was going on for a month. They do all the little things that you don’t get at a chain shop and most importantly, you can trust them totally with your car. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the Raleigh area needing any kind of auto service.

Make the short drive to Knightdale and support a local business that knows how to treat people right!

Mike L.

Absolutely, one of the best car service centers I had the pleasure of visiting. Had my brakes done with no issues and the next day had my engine worked on. Issues with the main coil and wires were causing a rough idle. Pooles Garage in Knightdale had it fixed and running in about an hour and a half. They even ordered parts and had it done on a busy Friday with no appointment.

I like my Ford dealership but I like Poole’s Garage even better. Thanks for the great service. They really know what they’re doing.

Michael H.

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