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Engine Immobilizers may soon make car theft a thing of the past. These clever devices can prevent car theft and greatly reduce unauthorized use of a vehicle thanks to some rather simple yet highly effective technology.

Newer vehicles almost always include this valuable technology, while older vehicles can be easily retrofitted with the technology. In simple terms, an engine immobilizer is a device or software that uses a variety of methods to instruct the engine not to start when an unauthorized key or a hot wire attempt is used. For example, when a thief attempts to hot wire or short circuit a car’s ignition system the car will simply not start.

Thief Hot Wires a Car

Remote Frequency ID

One of the most common systems used as an engine immobilizer is a transponder system. This system uses an electronic proximity type device to change coded electric signals into radio type signals.

Other systems include a remote key system that incorporates remote frequency ID as a way to confirm a key/vehicle match.

In contrast, an electronic key system uses a single code for a specific engine. Only one code will start the engine in question.

Another common system is known as a coded keypad. The vehicle owner enters the correct code into the keypad,and the engine starts normally. As new technology and system advances continue to come to market, consumers may even soon have the option to load an app onto their smartphone that will work as an engine immobilizer.

Technology May Vary From Manufacturer To Manufacturer

In addition, many newer cars sold today will have their engine immobilizers integrated to work with the vehicle’s onboard GPS technology. This allows real-time communication and alerts to be delivered when unauthorized access is being attempted with regard to an individual’s vehicle.

While the technology may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the concepts are essentially the same and that is to prevent car theft. Satellite communications and wireless technology via smart phones and the internet will soon likely do away completely with car theft as we once knew it.